Johanna Viprey

Residency Aug 2016 – Feb 2017
Pro Helvetia

Johanna Viprey (Besançon, FR) is a French artist, working and living in Geneva. Her works combine installation, writing and performance. In her new project, she develops a research about the artist talk as a medium, and the evolution of its contexts and issues. Her work explores crossing points, the ambiguity of transdisciplinary practices and figures like artist as curator, artist’s as a critic, and diversion of scientific contents or archives.
Over the last two years Viprey has worked on the archives of the American performer painter and documentary filmmaker Jeff Perkins. In her work, performances and installations Viprey do not simply describe his original collection: she narrates an encounter that has led her to investigate the personal history of an artist and his figure from an anthropological perspective (more.. )