Igor Sevcuk

Residency Mai – Aug 2020
Mondriaan Fund

Mapping a transnational memory: The case of person N.N.

Investigator: Igor Sevcuk


Born 1972 in Banja Luka, work/live in Amsterdam and Utrecht

After receiving MA in 2000 at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, I was awarded the first prize for film and video, de Prix de Rome 2002.
My work involves settings in which everyday life encounter the politics of memory. Various recordings: found footages, literary notes, diaries, photographs and other documents interact (or haunt each other) through subsequent essayistic montage. The ambition here is to revive a form of shared mind, visual and textual entanglement that flows through one’s self, the other and time.

I have exhibited among other places, Westfaelischer Kunstverein in Münster, Kunstverein in Frankfurt, Gallery Sign in Groningen, Living Art Museum in Reykjavik,  International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), Kunsthall in Bergen, Museum am Ostwall/ hART ware in Dortmund and Institut Néerlandais in Paris.

In 2010 I have initiated the artist-led space Goleb and from 2015 I was co-organizing Klupko – Room(s) & Daily Art Situations, both in Amsterdam.