Erik Lindner

Writer in residence.
At an early age the Dutch poet Erik Lindner had already decided to devote his life to poetry. Born 1968 in The Hague, he left school at the age of fourteen and continued his education along practical lines. Almost just as soon he began his mediating work. Whether as a performer, editor, literary critic, or reader: Lindner, long considered one of the most outstanding poets of his generation, advocates spreading poetry using all available means and media, and does so not only in his own homeland, but abroad as well: in France, for example, where he lived two years, worked for the Institut Néerlandais in Paris, and organized, in particular, the exchange between French and Dutch poets, or at international literature festivals in Great Britain, Canada, Taiwan, Albania, and Berlin. He regularly publishes his poems in renowned international literary magazines such as Poetry Review (England), Manuskripte (Austria), Interim (USA), Action poétique (France), and Luvina (Mexico), which has even led to translations of his work into Chinese and Macedonian. Aside from his own volumes of poetry – “Tramontane” (1996), “Tong en trede” (Tongue and Step, 2000), “Tafel” (Table, 2004), and “Terrein” (Terrain, 2010) – and a book on the art of poetry published in 2009, Erik Lindner published a French anthology with contemporary Dutch poetry, “Le verre est un liquide lent” (Glass is a Lazy Liquid, 2003), presenting 33 of his poetry colleagues. No wonder this tireless patron has received so much sponsorship and many honours, enabling him to apply his efforts worldwide in the interest of cultural exchange.