Book-like Product

Reg Carremans
Aug 2015

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Book-like Product
There are too many/not nearly enough artist books. A number of issues around the artist’s book have been vigorously debated. Some [One] of the major themes under examination have [has] been: (…) Where to put the apostrophe? — Wikipedia Designed to conspicuously disappear into your Penguin Great Ideas collection, Book-like Product features 32 pages of short, edited passages in which the artist reminisces about his friendship with Bruce Lee and his past as a crack dealer. Imagined or otherwise, these passages try to evoke something related to contemporary art and its going-ons. Did I mention that they’re short? Read up on following subjects (the contents): On Artists, On Binary Code, On Deadlines, On Limitations, Two Lists, On Categories, Dear Ludwig, On The Studio, On The Possibility, Of An Artist Statement, Over Bekwaamheid, On My Pencil, OnReadiness, On Genius, Hiya Ludwig, On Ambition, Waarover Gaat Je Kunst?, and On Essence. Reg Carremans is a Belgian visual artist mapping the self and the environment through different media. He’s interested in humans as geographical beings (think walking, landscape, place) and the artist and artistic processes (identity and economy).

This 2015 edition of 200 booklets was supported by the Agency for Arts and Heritage Flanders and AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz. Book-like Product is saddle-stitched and printed on greyish-white paper. The cover is printed on thicker, white paper and sports a deliciously subtle debossing. The book contains neither sharing buttons nor push notifications or other options, but it is nonetheless touch-sensitive. Get your copy while they last! Product details Title: Book-like Product Author/publisher: Reg Carremans Edition: 200 Language: mostly English, some Dutch Dimensions: 110 x 180 mm Pages: 32 + 4 (debossed cover) Binding: saddle-stitched Colour: K Paper: 230 g/m2 white Funktional Gletscher and 80 g/m2 greyish-white RecyStar, 100% recycled Printing: Ruksaldruck, Berlin