25 Apr 2018

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From being considered as events happening only in our brain, sealed and detached from our body, contemporary scientists have re-evaluated the importance of the external world in the shaping of these mental processes. The relationship between the brain and the everyday objects, experienced through our body, is one of the key theories in situated cognition.
Since 2009 ABA has produce Salons with artists , graphic designers, curators, writers, art professionals and some guests from a different communities. During this time a research made by artists was documented and all kind different material was collected and stored in boxes, on Hard disks, tapes, smart phone libraries etc. To open up to the public we will start a new ‚docu-center‘ in ABA. Where anyone can come and visit us, and search in the pockets of specially design bags to reconnect events happening during artists in research.

Images: ABA Salon Publication by Maureen Kaegi 2018