Upcoming LAB with Igor Sevcuk

5 Aug 2020

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Wednesday, August 5th,  2020,  8 pm

Location: ABA @ VBK, Schöneberger Ufer 57, 10785 Berlin

We meet in the garden of ABA residency/ house of Verein Berliner Künstler in Berlin Tiergarten.
 To keep a safe distance, the amount of participants is limited. Please  make a reservation:


The screening of three video works and subsequent conversations deal with concepts of Sevcuk’s current mapping of a transnational memory: The case of person N.N.

Information to the video works:

notes on landscape, or a land, 14′, 2016

The focus is on a little stage in a widow’s bedroom. The voice-over text derives from George Perec’s 1974 book, Species of Spaces (Espèces d’espaces).

My Frenchness @ the Third Table, 2 x 13′, 2019

The work teases following issues:
– collaboration and resistance during occupation by a foreign power
– confused class position of an art producer (after Rilke’s Notebooks)
– deregulated flex work & idea of political life (after Hannah Arendt)

Gravity – a film about love, 15′, 2005

Reminiscences of a boy climbing the trees are overflown by flight technology. The histories of terror from the sky upon the earthly territories – from bombing campaigns to tourist industries – alternate with the glimpses of an emancipatory shift to existence in space.