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13 Mai 2013

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Held in the Pierre Kemp Lab of the Jan Van Eyck Academie

Paper Works
Book Salon — Paper Works In the framework of the In-Lab The Library / The Query

On Tuesday 13 May from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., the Charles Nypels Lab (printing) and the Pierre Kemp Lab (library) are organizing the Book Salon “Paper Works“ on paper & book production issues. During the evening we will look at the white paper; the material to choose to get a book printed; a vision for designing the Art(ists) Book; and on a more philosophical level, understanding the white paper as a productive site for developing new concepts, ideas, works.

Following the invitation of Jo Frenken, coordinator of the Charles Nypels Lab, Jan van Eerd (Arctic Paper Benelux) will present various papers for book printing and Martijn Kicken (Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel) will show some books and elaborate on the technical issues while producing them. The focus will be on the special requests artists have considering tactility, archival issues, a.s.o.
Arctic Paper is the supplier of the most used papers in artist’s publication today, especially the Munken Papers. But there are many more sorts of paper and consequently possibilities to use paper to communicate the content and concept of the book.

Annet Perry, coordinator of the Pierre Kemp Lab, will choose some books from the Van Eyck library collection, where paper plays a special role.

Susanne Kriemann, artists and advisor at the Van Eyck, will prepare a short talk about the author’s fear of the white paper and books with white pages.

Interested? You’re welcome to join.
Location: Pierre Kemp Lab