Research Walk

29 Mär 2015

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Dear friends,
Just to inform you there has been a change of plans for our first Research Walk around Westkreuz:
The meetingplace is not Westkreuz, but S-Bahn Station Messe Süd. We hope to welcome you there at 11:00 AM.
And be aware that during the night from Saturday to Sunday Daylight Saving Time (DTS/Summertime) will be set, so 11 o’clock will probably feel like 10 in the morning!

This walk will be guided by Peter Cusack. Peter Cusack works as a sound artist based in London and Berlin with a special interest in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. The walk will take approximately 90 minutes.
During the walk we will focus our attention on the sonic micro worlds Peter encountered around and within Westkreuz.
At the end of the walk we have an aftertalk in a café nearby.
This walk is the first in a series of activities aimed at connecting our rather theoretical research we carry out during our residency here in Berlin to the field, the actual surroundings and Westkreuz in particular. April 18th we organize a second walk around Westkreuz which will be guided by strollologist Bertram Weishaar from Leipzig.

A new blog post called ’Het lichaam als geluidsaggregaat/The body as sound aggregate’ is published on the Soundtrackcity blog.

All the best from Berlin, Michiel Huijsman and Renate Zentschnig/Soundtrackcity
(AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz/Mondriaan Fund)