Susanne Hofmann-Souki

Born in Dresden, GDR, Susanne Hofmann-Souki has experienced two socio-economic systems: a state-led system during her youth and a market-centred system after the end of GDR. Her engagement with Open-Source Seeds has moved her focus to commoning as a space and practice of social organisation outside of state and market principles. Since, she has learnt that commoning happens everywhere – often unnoticed – and that practices which are not used will eventually disappear. Just as seeds need to be constantly exchanged, sown, and bred into new varieties, so that agriCulture can be maintained. She has a background in agricultural economics and spent 12 years as a university lecturer and coordinator of international transdisciplinary projects. She now works as an independent consultant, facilitator and trainer. More than 200 varieties of edible plants grow in her garden.