Brunch Weißwurst und Bier.

2 Mai 2015

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Dear Friends!
We would like to invite you to a brunch at
AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz on Saturday from 11.00 till 14.00h
As a tradition we serve on this day Weißwurst und Bier.
During the brunch we welcome you to meet our current artists in residency
Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman of
soundtrackcity, Amsterdam
Jessica Pooch, Zürich
Reg Carremans, Burssels

On the occasion of this event Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman will show first results in print and audio of their ABA research ‚Deconstructing the sound walk‘.

On the occasion of this event, Aleksander Komarov will screen his film ‘On Translation, Transpareny / Archictecture aquistique’ (2009)

Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman are the founders of Soundtrackcity (2009). Soundtrackcity is a sound art project based in Amsterdam that invites artists from different disciplines to explore and investigate the city through sound and listening. The main artistic production of the last five years comprise of 23 carefully crafted soundwalks in public spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Istanbul. The walks are developed in collaboration with architects, musicians, urban planners, sociologists, biologist, historians and local communities.
The residency of Renate and Michiel is made possibly by the Mondriaanfonds. We are grateful for the continuous support of our residency!

Jessica Pooch (Berlin, 1982) lives and works in Zürich. Her works often originate from a survey of human behavior and the dynamics within public spaces. She researches objects and architecture, present in the public and examines their origin, function and parameters. During her residency at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz she will focus on places of intimacy and human traces within the public domain. Which stories do the ‘things’ surrounding us tell? How is individual existence in the frame of society being managed?

The residency of Jessica is made possibly by Pro Helvetia.
We are grateful for the continuous support of our residency!

Reg Carremans is a Brussels-based visual artist mapping the self and the environment through different media, to encourage critical introspection, (self-)awareness and reflective thought. Interested in humans as geographical beings (walking, landscape, environment, place, territory, cartography), and the artist and artistic processes (identity, basic actions, economy).
The residency of Reg is made possibly by Art&Heritage Brussels.
We are grateful for the continuous support of our residency!