Berlin Field School for Contemporary Arts

5 Nov 2017

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By in June and July the the 3rd edition of Berlin Field School for Contemporary Arts will be co-organized by ABA, in collaboration with Simon Fraser of the University in Vancouver, Canada, and Proffessor Judy Radul and Professor Susanne Kriemann. 12 students from Vancouver will be visiting Berlin for a period of 6 weeks and join an intensive programme.

This course includes assigned readings, seminar discussions and outings in Berlin. The course’s focus is on contextual discussions and site visits through which participants will reflect on art historical examples, historical events, theoretical writing, and urban space to provide a background to the Contemporary Arts in Berlin. Students will gain an introduction to a number of historical movements and artists including: Berlin Dada;Tanztheatre (Expressionist Dance Theatre); The Bauhaus School; Berthold Brecht’s Theatre; the Third Reich’s oppression of modern art and music; the art of East and West Germany during the post WW II division; foundations of musical modernism in Germany; New German Cinema. The writing about aesthetics and culture by German theorists including Walter Benjamin and the Frankfurt School will be discussed.
Readings will be paired with a relevant site visits and cultural examples in Berlin.
This course will engage directly with examples of the contemporary arts presented in Berlin at the time of the Field School. The course will include preparatory readings, gallery visits, visits to artist’s studios and discussions about works of contemporary art with the opportunity of interacting with local artists and academics. The legacy of Berlin reunification, the specific history of technical media in relation to art in Germany,German musical avant gardes and electronic music, experiments in dance and theatre will be viewed and discussed.
Students will work under the guidance of the Field School director to develop a research program focused on a particular artistic discipline, history, or thematic interest related to Contemporary Arts in Berlin. Students will propose an independent researched based project which can include artistic practice as a form of response and analysis but must also included a well researched and organized written component detailing research, including discussions with artists.