A-Bags are a response to the specific needs of archiving the ephemeral works and performative actions that ABA has been curating for many years.

The main inspiration for the creation process were all kinds of textile containers used to store important items – wallets, card holders or pencil cases. A kind of portmanteau or a suitcase that opened into two equal sections. The etymology of the word is the French porte-manteau, from porter, “to carry”, and manteau, “cloak”. In modern French, a porte-manteau is a clothes valet, a coat-tree or similar article of furniture for hanging up jackets, hats, umbrellas and the like. The bags are made of good quality cotton and viscose linen – fair trade fabrics without the add of any artificial fibers. Thanks to their simple form they can be annexed in any way by the artists – just like the white canvas for a painter.

Until 2019, two types of bags designed specifically for ABA were created. The first  BAG1 fold as a wallet, suitable for internal use, has many compartments and pockets that can accommodate various formats. ABA BAG2 – inspired by urban style, very capacious durable and stylish, with two handy pockets and characteristic violet linen.

The bags are designed and hand made by Krzysztof Perzyna, polish cross disciplinary artist and designer.
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