Future of the library

Feb 22, 2017

Dutch designer couple Jannetje in ‘t Veld &
Toon Koehorst presented this book scanner in 2011 during their ABA Salon. Today we are happy to announce that we start digitising our collection of printed matter, free to download.

On the future of the library:

As much as these institutional and indepenent libraries are opposed they share an undeniable urge to look ahead. They want to be interfaces to access existing knowledge saved sometime in the past. The reason to conserve lies in its future use. They function as an extended memory. But libraries are threatened by amnesia just as much as the human memory.

Books fall apart as ink burns through the paper. We’ve included a laser-cut quote with this hand-out to make this process visible, as these brittle books are ordinarily inaccessible to the public. While books are ordinarily saved to be accessed later, in these cases the books are saved by make them inaccessible. So here the status of the book changes from a document into an artefact, and the library turns into a museum. Another form of decay but just as destructive occurs in the digital realm…

Jannetje in ‘t Veld &
Toon Koehorst