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'Lab' is an experimental, spontaneous platform to get together and present to the invited guests’ current research.

Rumiko Hagiwara (NL/JP), Karen Vermeren (BE) 

Saturday, June 24th, 2017, start: 5 pm ! We serve iced Campari Soda!!!! LAB Presentations by Rumiko Hagiwara and Karen Vermeren Welcome to the LAB! With the advent of the post industrial service and knowledge economy current working conditions have changed. This development has brought people into the different places as a workspace. The LAB is something very spontaneous when work has to be shown and discussed. LAB is not fixed to a specific place or location. It is a ‘get together’ to present current research in an informal setting like …

Goeun Bae and Selina Grüter & Michele Graf

20th of February GOEUN BAE and SELINA GRÜTER & MICHELE GRAF. Welcome drinks and presentations by Goeun Bae, Nora-Swantje Almes, Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf! Nora-Swantje Almes will serve hot wine and other tasty liquids! Goeun Bae’s work discloses a personal story that reflects the vulnerable and unstable position of women in today’s society. Bae’s works become the voice that unveils and challenges the often hidden violence and oppression inflicted upon women. By using the body, she expands the affective reasoning that is tied inside of her and eliminate the …

Johanna Viprey

Research project – Johanna Viprey (EN) In the contemporary artistic context, as more generally in all the fields of cultural and/or scientific research, one saw the development and the increase of the practice of « talk ». This term can bring together different forms as discussion, lecture or interview, in live or recorded, then archived and accessible on broadcasting platforms (museums, online magazines,Ted, The Talks…). This practice has increased both in institutional context (museums, art centers) and market area (galeries, art fairs). In parallel, one saw the development of different artistic practices …


'Notices' is textual information and documentation linked to the artist research.

徒然草 (Tsurezuregusa)

Tsurezuregusa (Essays in Idleness, alternatively: The Harvest of Leisure) is a collection of Japanese essays written by the monk Yoshida Kenkō between 1330 and 1332. Tsurezuregusa comprises a preface and 243 passages (段, dan), varying in length from a single line to a few pages. Kenkō, being aBuddhist monk, writes about Buddhist truths, and themes such asdeath and impermanence prevail in the work, although it also contains passages devoted to the beauty of nature as well as some on humorous incidents. The original work was not divided or numbered; the …

Sound and Vision: Takemitsu’s Corona

Takemitsu Tōru 武満徹 (1930-1996) was a self-taught composer of concert and film music who came to professional maturity during the 1950s’ and 1960s’ world-wide flowering of sound and art. His earliest compositions, from the late 1940s, display a strong impressionist flavor — elegiac fragments of melody and color that lingered “quietly and with a cruel reverberation” (the title of an early piano piece). His sonic curiosity blossomed after his friend and fellow composer Ichiyanagi Toshi 一柳慧 returned to Japan in 1961 after studying with John Cage, entering a period that …


Invited artists, writers, curators to participate in ABA program for their research to develop their proposed project.

Daniela Brugger

Daniela Brugger focuses on structures of society, investigating its forms and contents. She provokes moments of change by repeating and transforming supposedly familiar patterns. Fascinated by simultaneous states of being, she is captivated by alterability as a continuous condition. Her practice involves different media such as installation, video, writing, drawing, performance and collaborative projects. Daniela Brugger lives in Basel where she graduated in 2015 from Art Institute, HGK. She studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Moholy Nagy University in Budapest and holds a BA in Art Education …

Karen Vermeren

Karen Vermeren (°1982, Ghent) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. She is Researcher at Horizontal Drawing Research Lab, Sint Lucas University ‘College of Art & Design, Antwerp, Belgium (since 2009). Vermeren’s research questions traditional conceptions of landscape painting and looks for new representations of the geological landscape in two-dimensional in situ installations. It focuses in particular on (dis)continue geological processes of volcano’s, glaciers, metamorphic rocks and fault lines. The landscape is reframed in the exhibition room, destabilizing the spectators experience by quitting preconceived representations. Characteristics of Vermeren’s pictorial and sculptural …

Rumiko Hagiwara

The site-specific installation, photo and video works of Japanese artist Rumiko Hagiwara revolve around coincidental encounters within daily life situations that often emphasize factual errors or coincidental approvals between image and language. Hagiwara combines a western conceptualist approach (ready made objects) with influences from traditional Japanese culture (shadow, light, reflection), and aims at twisting the omnipresence of the unnoticed trace of human action and behaviour into subtle, and often humoresque poetics of the ordinary. Rumiko Hagiwara was born in Gunma (Japan) and studied at the Tokyo Zokei University in Tokyo …


Is a open form to explore the possibilities of collective processes of gathering and mediating knowledge.

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