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The LAB category shows activities surrounding our ABA network.

Future of the library

Dutch designer couple Jannetje in ‘t Veld & Toon Koehorst presented this book scanner in 2011 during their ABA Salon. Today we are happy to announce that we start digitising our collection of printed matter, free to download. On the future of the library: As much as these institutional and indepenent libraries are opposed they share an undeniable urge to look ahead. They want to be interfaces to access existing knowledge saved sometime in the past. The reason to conserve lies in its future use. They function as an …

Green lifestyle boom by Gina Folly

Gina Folly is Swiss artist based in Basel, Switzerland Gina Folly’s work consists of drawings, photography, installation and sculpture. She is interested in the social phenomena of our growing wellness culture, her work adapts and transforms objects and symbols of this culture. Plants and animals as well as sounds and scents are often used within her artistic work. While us humans in a globalised world are constantly trying to be more productive,we on the other hand try to spend more time in nature or in order to save time and …

Live Salon with Susanne Kriemann, Susan Schuppli, Ralf-Thomas Schmitt Live: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 12–4:30 p.m.

SALON. AS A COROLLARY OF THE EXHIBITION SUSANNE KRIEMANN ‘PECHBLENDE (CHAPTER 1)’ You are cordially invited: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 12–4:30 p.m. Image, Knowledge, Gestaltung, Cluster of Excellence at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Sophienstr. 22a | 10178 Berlin | 2nd floor The work ‘Pechblende’ is based on Susanne Kriemann’s research into the radioactive mineral pitchblende (uraninite). It investigates the contingent depiction of radioactivity. In Pechblende (Chapter 1), which is currently on view at the Ernst Schering Foundation in Berlin, Susanne Kriemann zooms in on the historical and cultural aspects of uranium …


Latest news regarding the ABA residency program.

Berlin Field School in the Contemporary Arts

Berlin Field School in the Contemporary Arts The Berlin Field School in the Contemporary Arts  a collaboration between Simon Fraser University (SFU) School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver  and ABA (Air Berlin Alexanderplatz) Berlin. Field School Director: Prof. Judy Radul ABA Director: Susanne Kriemann In this first iteration of the Berlin Field School eleven students are spending six weeks in Berlin: Michelle Gougani, Alysha Seriani, David Avelino, Evan Britz, Frances Breden, Grace Mathisen, Nicholas Yu, Kalvin Valko, Oscar Lira Sanchez, Sitong Wu, Suzanne Friesen. Their program, guided by …

Identity of a Resident Stranger

KW Institut for Contemporary Art KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e.V. Dienstag, 12. 1. 16 18:30 h Vorträge und Filme / Studiolo Eintritt: 0 €, in English Nina Haab arbeitet mit verschiedenen Strategien des Erzählens, in denen sie unter anderem die Alzheimer-Erkrankung ihrer Großmutter thematisiert. Während ihres Stipendienaufenthaltes in Air Berlin Alexanderplatz residency entwickelte die Künstlerin eine neue Arbeit, die sich mit Erinnerungen anderer befasst und die sie im STUDIOLO weiterentwickelt. PROGRAMM 18.30 h: Vorlesungen von Regaida Comensoli (Kunsthistorikerin und Kuratorin), Andrew Bender (Kognitiver Neurowissenschaftler und Experimentalpsychologe) und Elisa Rusca (Kunsthistorikerin, Autorin und Kuratorin) 19.45 …

Welcome Borrel

Dear friends of ABA AiR Alexanderplatz, We hereby cordially invite you to a “Welcome Borrel” the 16th of September, 3-7 pm at the *NEW* residency flat! Yes, we moved! After 5 wonderful years at Alexanderplatz, we found three new beautiful flats near Anhalter Bahnhof. On occasion of the Berlin Art Week, we would like to introduce you to the work of our new residents, Nina Haab (works and lives in Geneve; and Elian Somers (works and lives in Rotterdam; . Both of them will present their newest works …


ABA offers residencies to artists with a research focused practice.

Julie Sas

Julie Sas is a French artist, working and living in Paris and Geneva. Her works combine installation, writing, performance and collaborative projects. Julie Sas will present her work as well as other artists’ work (historic and contemporary), exploring forms of neutralization through the use of language data and the practice of living picture. The audience is invited to engage in the artwork, in which the body is used to explore the idea of codified situations, connected, for example, to executives, public speech and self-representation. (more..)

Johanna Viprey

Johanna Viprey (Besançon, FR) is a French artist, working and living in Geneva. Her works combine installation, writing and performance. In her new project, she develops a research about the artist talk as a medium, and the evolution of its contexts and issues. Her work explores crossing points, the ambiguity of transdisciplinary practices and figures like artist as curator, artist’s as a critic, and diversion of scientific contents or archives. Over the last two years Viprey has worked on the archives of the American performer painter and documentary filmmaker Jeff …


Through our salons, we explore the possibilities of collective processes of gathering and mediating knowledge.

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ABA offers residencies through different sponsoring institutions.
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